Found in Stock:
Very oldschool Rims, mostly for tubular system, in very good condition. These Rims are absolut unused and did never seen a spoke.
Some of the Rims are still covered by original Plastic. Only one of the ARC EN CIEL gold Rim has a damaged decal, so.. nothing special.
All the rims are in good condition an only need to be cleaned a bit. There are NO serious scratches on them.
We deliver in foreign  Countries. Use our Contact sheet to send us your wishlist. Shipping in foreign countries need specific Shipping Cost in addition. There is no warranty or possibility to give an order back again.
When you get an proof from us back, your wish may come true.
Payment is Paypal only. All details you get from us in an confirmation Mail.
Have fun with this really rare Material.

ATTENTION, important to know –> Packages will be larger than 60cm, so it could not be delivered as standart package.

Shipping costs to EU Countries:
Package < 2 KG  –> 14 €
Package < 5 KG  –> 18 €
Package <10 KG –> 23 €

Important: When sending a Wishlist to us, plz note complete Deliver Adress , when we confirm your mail, we try to send direct after paypal income. Thx!

Okay… best way to deliver –>  Hermes Int.  29€ for EU Countries

Available Models/Pieces
Mavic Dark Blue, tubular system

24 Hole – 4 pieces (RESERVED ACTUALLY)   Sold out!
28 Hole – 1 piece 
45€ each rim

Mavic Silver, tubular system
24 Hole – 4 pieces (RESERVED ACTUALLY)  Sold out!
36 Hole – 1 piece
45€ each rim

Available Models/Pieces
ARC-EN-CIEL SILVER (tubular system)

28 Hole – 10  piece (2 pieces reserved)
90€ each rim

ARC-EN-CIEL GOLD (tubular system)
28 Hole – 4 piece
90€ each rim

CAMPAGNOLO LAMBDA 32 Hole – 1 piece – 65€
Normal Tire (no tubular, no tubeless)

CAMPAGNOLO YPSILON 36 Hole – 2 Pieces on Stock – each 65€
for normal Tires

CAMPAGNOLO STRADA HARDOX 36 Hole – 1 Piece on Stock – 85€
tubular system

CAMPAGNOLO LAMBDA STRADA 32 Hole – 1 Piece on Stock – 65€
normla Tire

Mavic Open 4 CD 28 Hole – 1 Piece on Stock – 65€
normal Tire

Campa Victory Strada 36 Hole – 1 piece – 100€
tubular system

Special hint for Retro-Vintage Fans:
We started to build lugged stems in numbers. If you need a special Keypart for your dream bike, so let us know. Actually all stems have an angle of -17 degree. Mostly a straight 0 degree  arrangement when installed on your bike.
Colour and length is up to you. Unpainted we start right now by 150€

The stems are made for 1 1/8 inch Ahead-System and 31,8 Handlebar – So you can use Headset/Stem Adapter to use it for Headset or Aheadset, work with Shims to use smaller diameter Handlebars.